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01204 396301  EMAIL New Logo - Craystone supplies backup storage solutions for your data. New and older solutions and tape drive repairs. offers tape drive repair and warranty for your faulty tape backup supply backup storage solutions for your supplies new and old storage, discontinued and hard to source tape drives, autoloaders and libraries. supplies backup storage solutions for your data, refurbished older technologies and a tape backup repair service.

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Which refurbished drives are available?

Simple answer  - Whatever you need!


We supply ALL technologies, QIC, QIC-02, DAT, DLT, SDLT, DLT VS, AIT, Mammoth 8mm, SLR, VXA and LTO.


We supply ALL OEM manufacturers/brands, ADIC, Compaq, Dell, Exabyte, HP, Overland, Quantum, Sony, StorageTek, SUN, Tandberg, Wangdat, Wangtek.


We supply ALL formats, stand alone drives - internal/external, autoloaders - inc sleds and magazines and tape library systems.


We supply ALL ages of equipment.  From older 150Mb QIC drives to the almost current technology 800Gb LTO-3 drives.


Our stock changes on a weekly basis.  Please [email] or call 01204 396301 with your requirement.  If it's not in our stock - we can source it for you utilising our network of contacts throughout UK, Europe and the US.


Alternatively our extensive certified workshop facility can repair your faulty drive and get your system up and running sooner than you think.  Please click [here] for details on our repair service.


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Stand alone back-up storage tape drives, autoloaders and library systems.  Portable hard disk technology products. Other associated storage solutions, barcode scanners, printers, software and media.  [more]

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