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Tandberg RDX QuikStor FileKeeper Software

Tandberg RDX Software

The RDX software, RDX FileKeeper, is a revolutionary backup software package that combines two important technologies into one simple solution—continuous data protection (CDP) and disaster recovery protection.



By providing byte-level CDP on all user data and file-level backup for all systems data, every document is protected as it is saved to disk. With CDP, the RDX automatically stores new data as needed throughout the day, and single file de-duplication keeps only those bytes of data that change. RDX FileKeeper offers simple right click access to earlier versions of files while easily protecting against accidental deletions, corruption and accidental overwriting.

Disaster recovery backup allows users to make complete system images—snapshots of the system at points in time—to provide complete protection against hardware failure and other disasters. If the customer is using Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista, the DR can be done directly from the RDX.


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