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Tandberg RDX QuikStor

Storage and Backup - RDX

Tandberg RDX QuikStor technology combines the simplicity of tape based backup with the speed and instant access of a hard drive with internal and external drives and removable cartridges in a range of capacities.



Each cartridge is a rugged miniature hard disk - your computer will recognise it and provide instant access and easy drag and drop control. Or simply run the backup software provided for a total backup of your hard drive. When a cartridge gets full, just insert another - simple!


Tandberg RDX is fast, up to 45MB/sec (162GB/hr), has capacities of 320 and 500GB, 1, 1.5 and 2Tb of data on a single cartridge, enough to back up your entire computer, ensuring your data is fully protected yet instantly available. Recording/restoring  is fast, access is near-instant, allowing you to work directly with data on the cartridge, just as you would with any other hard drive.


Drives are tough, and cartridges are small, durable, shockproof and rugged enough to last for over 10 years - knocks and drops don't mean lost data, and you can slip them in your pocket. Store them offsite for archiving - or use them to transfer data to another computer.   [more] - Product Navigation Drop Down Box Page Insert 2


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