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Draytek Vigor 2820 router

Draytek Vigor Routers

Craystone supply the Draytek range of routers.  LINK range of switches, servers and adapters.


Vigor routers are well built and designed with easy access to all the ports from the front panel.  They are packed with a range of useful features, general security and wireless features are particularly good. Vigor routers are well respected and reviewed, highly configurable, easy to install and monitor, and offer more for your money than the competition.  IT Reviews labelled the 2820 as the 'Rolls Royce' of the internet router world.


A major selling point is that should the primary link go down, it can fall back to a second, utilising the USB port with the 3G 'Cellular' Modem support.  The 3G USB port can be used as your primary broadband provision, and to create a simple wireless 'hot spot'.  The USB port can also be used for a printer.


Vigor routers offer comprehensive firewall security, content filtering, web application controls and easy management.  Voice over IP (VOIP) and wireless products are available.  For a comparison chart, please click [here]


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