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Acronis True Image Software

Acronis True Image Software

Acronis advantages

  • Windows and Linux Support.

  • Wizard driven, great for non-technical users.  Help and support files are one click away.

  • Create an exact Windows server disk image, including the O/S, databases, and applications.

  • Disaster Recovery and System Migration.

  • Tape Drive Support.

  • Incremental backups available - only backup the data that has been changed since your last backup.

  • Disk Imaging - Copies and restores hard drives quickly.

  • After a system crash True Image gets you back and running without hassle - requires Acronis Universal Restore.

  • Restore individual files and folders.

  • Boot from an image, using Acronis Active Restore

  • Automatic image verification - Peace of mind by ensuring that images can be used for restoration

  • Scheduled backups and 'one click' backups.

  • FTP - Remote installation and remote recovery.

  • Image can be viewed by assigning a local drive letter (such as D)

  • Secure Zone - hidden backup location on a HDD for mobile users.

  • Granular restore of Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server data.

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